Gyuris Attila

How long were you a member of the team, which department did you belong to? From 2014 to 2017, I worked in the cylinder head department, which later became the […]

Hajas Balázs

Joining time: 10.10.2018Major: Vehicle Engineer BScDepartment: Leadership- Team leader Introduction:I am Balázs Hajas, SZEngine team leader. On the one hand, my task is to represent the team during our appearances and to maintain […]

Kocsis Bálint

Joining time: 24.09.2019Major: Vehicle Engineering BScDepartment: Thermodynamics Introduction:I am a fifth-year Vehicle Engineering student, head of the Thermodynamics department. In October 2019, I applied to the Test and Brake Pad […]

Szentendrei Dániel

Joining time: 18.09.2020Major: Vehicle Engineering BScDepartment: Thermodynamics Introduction:As soon as I fully experienced the mysteries of university life, I wanted to apply for a team. I saw a presentation by […]

Gosztola András

Joining time: 24.01.2022Major: Mechanical Engineering BScDepartment: Management Introduction:I joined the team in the second semester of 2022. I originally studied to be a mechanical engineer, but I like to try […]

Demeter Hunor

Joining time: 08.10.2019Major: Vehicle Engineering MScDepartment: Hybrid powertrain development Introduction:I graduated from high school in Székelyudvarhely, and from there I was admitted to the Automotive Engineering department of István Széchenyi […]

Szuvák Patrik

Joining time: 01.10.2019Major: Vehicle Engineering BScDepartment: Testbench Introduction:I joined the team at the beginning of my university studies with the aim of expanding my theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge. At […]

Litter Ádám

Joining time: 13.10.2020Major: Engineering IT BScDepartment: Electronics Introduction:I joined the team during the fall semester of 2020 as a second-year IT engineering student. I started in the electronics department, and […]

Őri Szabolcs

Joining time: 22.09.2020.Major: Vehicle Engineering BScDepartment: Design Introduction:I joined the team in the design department in the third semester of my studies. My main tasks are designing and re-modeling parts, […]