Formula Student

The competition consists of static and dynamic competitions and the winner is the one who collects the highest score out of the maximum possible 1000.

Static race numbers (325 pont)

Business Presentation (75 pont):

During the presentation, a convincing business model of the completed vehicle must be presented to the jury as a potential investor group.

Cost and Manufacturing (100 pont):

During this competition, the team must present what manufacturing processes and costs were incurred during the construction of the prototype car, broken down into parts and components.

Design Event (150 pont):

During this event, the judges must be presented with the decision-making processes that arose during the design of the car and the solutions to the given problems. The focus is primarily on the justification of decisions, on the engineering way of thinking, and only secondarily on the solutions implemented based on the Formula Student regulations.

Dynamic race numbers (675 pont)

Acceleration (75 pont):

The Acceleration race where the goal of the teams is to make the car complete the 75-meter track as fast as possible.

Skid pad (75 pont):

During the skid pad race, the drivers have to go around a flat figure-eight track, twice clockwise on one lap and twice counter-clockwise on the other lap in the shortest possible time. What matters here is the optimal chassis setting and how well the suspensions hold up.

Autocross (100 pont):

In the autocross event, the teams have to go as fast as possible along the nearly 1.5 kilometer course dotted with slaloms and turns. In addition to the value of the individual race, this counts as a qualification for the Endurance race.

Endurance (325 pont):

Endurance is the most important race in Formula Student. In this test of car and driver endurance, a long distance of 22 km must be completed, during which the teams must change drivers at the halfway point.

Efficiency (100 pont):

If Endurance is successfully completed, the car’s fuel consumption is calculated. In the Efficiency race, the amount of fuel used is contrasted with the lap time, i.e. how efficiently the given team used the available fuel.