Pásztor Miklós

  • How long were you a member of the team, which department did you belong to?

I was in the team for one year from 2018 to 2019 and I was in the test department.

  • What were your main tasks?

Mostly disassembling and assembling the engine. Testing. Assembling the launcher. As well as participation in the competition season (NL, CZ, East).

  • What are you most proud of among your achievements in the team?

For mounting the engine.

  • What was your best experience during your stay here?

The competition season is a great experience. I never thought it could be so exciting.

  • Why was your time in the team valuable to you?

Actually, I became a car mechanic because of Szengine. Turns out I really like doing that. I also made good connections and friends.