Our team

Our team consists of university students who, in addition to their studies, expand their knowledge and experience with our unique project. Nearly 60 members work in our six departments every day to achieve our goals. The work of the departments is closely related to each other, so it is important to have proper and precise communication to ensure that the processes run smoothly.




The primary goal of our department is to support the construction side. Our work includes ordering management, sponsorship contact, and financial management. In addition, our department is responsible for all kinds of communication, event organization, HR-related administration and other projects.


The task of our department is to achieve the inherent performance of our engine with the new engine controller optimized for individual components. Calibration and validation are carried out on our motorcycle testbench designed, manufactured and operated by us, which is an exceptional situational advantage for us, as no other European team has its own brake bench. In addition, the application plays an important role for us, with which the service life of our engine becomes adequate even with the increased performance. During the competitions, we are responsible for the analysis of the engine data, so we are active participants in the test days and the competitions as well.


Among the tasks of our expert are the maintenance and development of electronic systems, and sometimes the construction of a new network. These include the engine cable harness, the cable harness of our starting stand, the complete wiring network of our testbench measuring system and the provision of the IT background of the measuring system.


Our department’s task is to achieve the performance potential of our engine with a new, custom engine control optimized for unique components. We perform calibration and validation on our own designed and operated testbench, which is a significant advantage for us, as no other European team has its own operated testbench. Additionally, the application plays an important role for us to ensure that the increased performance does not compromise the engine’s lifespan. During races, we are responsible for analyzing the engine data, so we actively participate in the test days and races.

Hybrid powertrain development

Our department was formed in the fall of 2021 with the ambition of making the hybrid system allowed by the new regulations workable and installable into the car by 2023. According to the regulations, a maximum 60V voltage network can be used, and in addition to the maximum average power specification (5kW), we have free hands in the propulsion area. The other main project of the department is the design and testing of the battery pack, which has a capacity of nearly 500Wh.


Our department mainly deals with solving heat transfer problems within the team, such as the design and optimization of the oil circuit using 3D and 2D programs, or the development of the exhaust system and its fine-tuning using various programs. We also deal with combustion processes and processing their data, which is essential for the operation of a race engine. For example, optimizing the Airbox or the processes in the combustion chamber.


The main task of our department is the installation of engines and auxiliary equipment, ensuring their race-ready condition. Furthermore, we deal with the application and testing of new parts, the planning of car tests and their evaluation.