Barabás Bence

Design Department ManagerJoining time: 2022.09.28.Major: Technical management MSc Introduction:I joined the SZEngine team in the fall of 2022, as a member of the Design department. I have alwaysbeen interested in CAD programs […]

Dóka Dániel

Joining time: 18.09.2022Major: Mechanical Engineering BScDepartment: Test Introduction:I have always been interested in motorcycles, so I applied in the autumn semester of 2022 and was accepted into the team’s test department. […]

Posvancz Olivér

Joining time: 18.09.2022Major: Vehicle Engineering BScDepartment: Hybrid Powertrain Development Introduction:I’m a vehicle engineering student of Széchenyi István University. In September 2022 I joined the Hybrid Powertrain Development of SZEngine team […]

Tóth Bence

Joining time: 11.10.2021Major: Electrical Engineering BScDepartment: Testbench Introduction: In the first semester of my electrical engineering studies, I applied to the brake bench department in the fall of 2021. As […]

Dülk Rebeka

Joining time: 18.09.2022Major: Vehicle Engineering BScDepartment: Design Introduction:I am a vehicle engineering student. I started my university studies in 2021 and in the third semester I joined the SZEngine team […]

Lukonics András

Joining time: 06.10.2020Major: Vehicle Engineering BScDepartment: Design Introduction:I became a member of the team in the fall of 2020, I connect the design and brake pad departments. My task is […]

Pap Róbert

Joining time: 11.10.2021Major: Mechanical Engineering BScTeam leader Introduction:I came from Békéscsaba, started my studies as a mechanical engineering student in 2021, and already applied to the team in the first […]

Gyuris Attila

From 2014 to 2017, I worked in the cylinder head department, which later became the thermodynamics department. From 2016, I also performed the department’s management duties. In the 2017-18 season, […]

Papp Márk

In 2019, I applied to the team for the position of engine calibration engineer in the Test and brake bench department. From November 2020, I was appointed head of the […]

Lajter Máté

Joining time: 09.10.2020.Major: Mechanical Engineering BScDepartment: Design Introduction:My name is Máté, a first-year student at Széchenyi University, studying mechanical engineering. Ever since I was a child, I have been attracted […]