Végh Patrik

  • How long were you a member of the team, which department did you belong to?

I spent two years in the team, at first in the thermodynamics department, and then I became one of the team’s construction managers.

  • What were your main tasks?

I participated in many different tasks in the team, but one of my favorites was analyzing the telemetry data in order to find the cause of possible errors from the numbers and to look for areas where we can improve the engine.

  • What are you most proud of among your achievements in the team?

In the 2019 season, I took a significant part in calibrating the engine control, and it gave me a very good feeling that we could regularly fight for the Efficiency podium with the Arrabona Racing Team.

  • What was your best experience during your time here?

The competitions were definitely my greatest experiences during my time in the team. I really enjoyed the whole year’s work, but the atmosphere that the race track and the other teams give off simply cannot be beat. I gained a lot of experiences that I will keep in my memory forever!

  • Why was your time in the team valuable to you?

It will sound a bit cliche, but I was able to gain experiences that I would not have had the opportunity to without the team. I was able to ask for advice from a lot of experienced engineers, so I was able to take huge steps forward both professionally and personally.