Vanya Krisztián

Joining time: 16.10.2023
Major: Vehicle engineer BSc
Department: Test

I am a second-year vehicle engineering student at Széchenyi István University and I joined the team in the fall semester of the 2023 academic year. My application to SZEngine was mainly fueled by the desire for knowledge about internal combustion engines and cars, but besides that, I had heard about the team before. At first I was afraid of joining because of my high school qualifications, but I finally submitted my application to the Test department, where since joining I was able to acquire practical knowledge that would be almost impossible only in university conditions. In addition to the professional knowledge and interesting engineering tasks, SZEngine allowed me to join an extremely helpful and inclusive community.

My goal is to be as useful a member of the team as possible and to acquire as much knowledge as possible, because in the future I would like to find a job in some field related to motorsport.