Szuvák Patrik

Joining time: 01.10.2019
Major: Vehicle Engineering BSc
Department: Testbench

I joined the team at the beginning of my university studies with the aim of expanding my theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge. At the beginning of the team, in the Test and Brake Pad department, which was still consolidated at the time, I dealt with engine installation and the use and calibration of engine controllers. I am currently working in the Brake pad department, which was separated from the previous department, and I will deal with the renovation of our brake pad, calibrations, measurements, and writing the engine control.

I want to reach the highest possible level of my professional development with the help of the knowledge I have acquired in the team. If I have the opportunity, I would like to build relationships within the profession, and I would like to acquire the knowledge of engine controls as best as possible. I would like to improve my professional language skills as much as possible in both German and English. I want to take an active part in the team’s work throughout my university studies.