Szomszéd Gábor

Joining time: 16.10.2023
Major: Vehicle engineer BSc
Department: Thermodinamics

In the fall semester of 2023, I applied to the team’s thermodynamics department as a 6th semester BSC vehicle engineering student. Even as a child, I was fond of vehicles, including cars. At that time, the operation of an internal combustion engine was an unfathomable miracle to me, so I knew that when I grew up, I would want to work with engines. Accordingly, I began my higher education in Győr at the Faculty of Automotive Engineering of István Széchenyi University. I met the SZEngine team for the first time in the freshman camp, and there was no question that I wanted to be a part of it one day. I submitted my application to the thermodynamics department so that I could follow my dreams and develop an engine. My first task is to design an exhaust for the next-generation engine, to prepare all its thermal and flow simulations.

During the time spent in the team, I can gain as much knowledge and experience as possible and help the competition team with my work to achieve the best possible results.