Kocsis Bálint

Joining time: 24.09.2019
Major: Vehicle Engineering BSc
Department: Thermodynamics

I am a fifth-year Vehicle Engineering student, head of the Thermodynamics department. In October 2019, I applied to the Test and Brake Pad department, which was still intertwined at the time, of which I was a member for up to 2 weeks. During one of the first team meetings, I liked the work of the Thermodynamics department, so I quickly applied. I am currently involved in the design and simulations of intake and exhaust systems, and I also try to keep up with the work of the other members of the department.

I want to create something lasting during my team years so that I can tell the grandchildren that Papa participated in the design of the racing engine, because let’s face it, it’s worth signing up here for that alone. Of course, the team also offers huge opportunities for professional development, but for this, commitment and diligence during the time spent here are important.