Kiss Márk

  • How long were you a member of the team, which department did you belong to?

During university, I was a team member for 3 and a half years. In October 2018, I joined the Test and brake pad department, and after they separated, I stayed in the Test department.

  • What were your main tasks?

My tasks included engine and brake pad maintenance, brake pad measurements, and working on tests and competitions.

  • What are you most proud of among your achievements in the team?

My proudest result was when I saw in the very first race with the team that the car went all the way through endurance, even with the best fuel efficiency.

  • What was your best experience during your time here?

I would say the best experience was every competition I participated in, because it was great to experience the typical FS atmosphere while competing against hard-working students from other countries.

  • Why was your time in the team valuable to you?

In addition to the professional experience I gained, meeting many people with similar interests is what makes me say that every single night installation was worth it.