Huszka Alexandra

  • How long were you a member of the team, which department did you belong to?

I was a member of the management department for 4 years.

  • What were your main tasks?

In the beginning, I dealt with event organization and registration for events, but my scope of responsibilities soon expanded. These included representing the team during own and other events, HR responsibilities, recruitment interviews, information flow within and between departments, and sponsorship. Furthermore, the management of contact with other companies, media and advertising management, inventory and acquisition of assets. Finally, I also took part in the management of the management department.

  • What are you most proud of among your achievements in the team?

I’m not really proud of what and where I got in the team, but how the team performed and functioned over the years. It was always the team that made me proud, even though the members changed often. My proudest achievements are the ones I achieved together with them, so I can’t really single out just one thing among them either. 

  • What was your best experience during your time here?

Since I was manager-free, I had the opportunity to participate in engine assembly, drive the test car and try out one of the team’s cars.

  • Why was your time in the team valuable to you?

I gained a lot of experience from him. I was able to get acquainted not only with the management side but also with the mechanical side, which also mean a lot to me. I gained a lot of experiences and friends with him, with whom we have been in touch ever since.