Hajdú Viktor

  • How long have you been a member of the team? Which department did you belong to?

From 2018 I was a member of the thermodynamics department, from 2019 I was a construction manager, and from 2020 I was a team leader.

  • What were your main tasks?

Thermodynamics department as a member: Exhaust system design and production, carbon fiber lamination, 3D design (CREO, Solid Edge), 1D simulations (AVL BOOST). As construction manager: making brake pad measurements (Kistler KiBox), engine controller calibration (Bosch MS4), project definition and management, engine assembly. As a team leader: Contact with companies and teams, team representation at events.

  • What are you most proud of among your achievements in the team?

Design of a competitive exhaust system for BME Motorsport that was used in the 2019 season. Engine controller calibration, with which the engine won the 2nd and 1st place in the fuel efficiency special award, as well as an overall 3rd place with the ART team in various international competitions in 2019. The results achieved the most successful competition season in the history of the teams. In the course of my work, I was first asked to lead construction and then to lead the team.

  • What was your best experience during your time here?

When simulations and calculations validated my theories.

  • Why was your time in the team valuable to you?

I have experienced that I really enjoy the challenges of driving.