Hajas Balázs

Joining time: 10.10.2018
Major: Vehicle Engineer BSc
Department: Leadership- Team leader

I am Balázs Hajas, SZEngine team leader. On the one hand, my task is to represent the team during our appearances and to maintain contact with our supporters. On the other hand, to closely monitor and review the work of each department, as well as to provide the necessary conditions for this.
Initially, I was active in the electronics department, but I managed to gain insight into many other processes and am currently working on the construction of a 3D CFD simulation for our latest engine generation.

As a team leader, I don’t necessarily get involved in every construction process, but I do my best to support the people who implement our plans. By prioritizing the individual development of our members, I would like to further increase the reputation of SZEngine. In addition, my goal is to build a cohesive team that always enthusiastically accepts the engineering challenges that an internal combustion engine has in store.