Gladics Gellért Ádám

Joining time: 02.10.2023
Major: Vehicle engineer BSc
Department: Hybrid drivtrain development

I joined the SZEngine team in 2023 as a first-year vehicle engineering student. I am a member of the Hybrid Drivetrain Development department. Based on my preliminary studies, I thought that this is where I can make the best use of my knowledge. Alternative powertrain As a technician, I have always been interested in this area. We have high expectations regarding the Hybrid drive. We want to get the most out of our cars.

I see the SZEngine team as a huge opportunity for me and a significant milestone in my life. My goal is to get a job as a development engineer at a leading car manufacturing company. I believe that my participation in the team gives me the opportunity to gain competitive knowledge that I can use in the future.