Deissinger Dániel

Joining time: 20.09.2019.
Major: Mechanical Engineering BSc
Department: Design

With a degree in mechanical engineering and 3 years of professional experience behind me, I came from Vojvodina to Győr, to István Széchenyi University. I applied to the team’s design department in my first semester, and after a year I became the head of the department. It was a great honor to be included in such a large team. My current task is the design of the crankcase, coordination of the department and communication and contact with the companies.

My goal is to learn everything and even more about internal combustion engines. I would like to lead the department even better, because this will only benefit me later. In addition, I would also like to deal with finite element and flow simulations. I want to be proficient in many more CAD software, which the team has given me the opportunity to do. My long-term plans are building relationships and improving my language skills.