It is essential for engines to have the weight, performance, service life and consumption expected in the competition. Strict tests are essential to ensure these. Due to greater personal safety, […]

3D printing in racing engine development

Bevezetés Ezen tanulmány célja, hogy bemutassa a SZEngine motorfejlesztő csapat legújabb EVO 6 kódnevű versenymotorját és a 3D nyomtatás fontosságát a versenymotor fejlesztésben. A dokumentáció bemutatja a Formula Student versenysorozatát […]

EVO 6+

COMPETITION SEASON For the 2019 racing season, we provided resources for not one, but two teams, so instead of completely new developments, we focused on the further development of the […]


The resource code-named EVO6 is a further development of our previous EVO5 engine, which was developed with an emphasis on thermodynamics.   EVO6 engine assembly picture  CRANKSHAFT / CRANKSHAFT MECHANISM […]


MAIN UNITS The crankcase, cylinder and cylinder head are unchanged from the previous generation engine, having managed to create a competitive base engine. For the 2017 season, thermodynamic and electronic […]


ELECTRONICS For our EVO4 engine, we want to use a DTA type engine controller and sensors supplied by Bosch. This is a completely individually written system, which is an essential […]


ELECTRONICS Our tasks include programming the control unit of our engine, purchasing, installing and calibrating the necessary sensors, and manufacturing the cable harness that connects them. This also includes the […]


ELECTRONICS Our team decided last year to start developing a unique telemetry system for the Bosch MS4 Sport motor controller we use. The system was designed entirely according to our […]


ELECTRONICS In addition to the engine control received from Bosch Motorsport, our team works with many different electronics. One of our tasks is the design and implementation of the control […]