Hajas Balázs

Joining time: 10.10.2018Major: Vehicle Engineer BScDepartment: Leadership- Team leader Introduction:I am Balázs Hajas, SZEngine team leader. On the one hand, my task is to represent the team during our appearances and to maintain […]

Deák Maximilián

Joining time: 02.10.2020Major: Vehicle Engineering BScDepartment: Leadership – Construction manager Introduction:In September 2020, I joined the SZEngine team, where I strengthen the thermodynamics department. My tasks include the development and optimization of the […]

Lugosi Lilla

Joining time: 11.02.2021Major: Legal assistant FOSZKDepartment: Leadership Introduction:I joined the SZEngine team in March of 2021, where I strengthened the Management department and focused on sponsorship and ordering parts. Among other things, I […]