Pap Róbert

Joining time: 11.10.2021Major: Mechanical Engineering BScDepartment: Design Introduction:I came from Békéscsaba, started my studies as a mechanical engineering student in 2021, and already applied to the team in the first […]

Szentendrei Dániel

Joining time: 18.09.2020Major: Vehicle Engineering BScDepartment: Thermodynamics Introduction:As soon as I fully experienced the mysteries of university life, I wanted to apply for a team. I saw a presentation by […]

Deissinger Dániel

Joining time: 20.09.2019.Major: Mechanical Engineering BScDepartment: Design Introduction:With a degree in mechanical engineering and 3 years of professional experience behind me, I came from Vojvodina to Győr, to István Széchenyi […]

Őri Szabolcs

Joining time: 22.09.2020.Major: Vehicle Engineering BScDepartment: Design Introduction:I joined the team in the design department in the third semester of my studies. My main tasks are designing and re-modeling parts, […]