Our project was established by the AUDI Hungaria Department for Internal Combustion Engines in cooperation with the Engine Development Department of AUDI Hungaria in 2008. Our team designs, manufactures and develops a race engine for teams participated in Formula Student, which is totally individual in the world. The Formula Student is a very specific and unique competition. The objective of teams created by university students is to design and build a single-seater race car, and then prove their aptitude on the race track. The teams purchases the engine for the race car from the market, which needed to be modified to participate in the series. Our team develops a race engine, which is specific, innovative and optimized for the strict rules of Formula Student. So SZEngine is connected to Formula Student in unique way.

The first huge milestone of the life of the team was the engine roll-out show in November, 2012, when our first self – developed, unique, single cylinder race engine, the EVO 1 was assembled and presented. Later that our team managed to enter into a higher gear, so the second generation race engine, the EVO 2 was presented to the public in November, 2013. The development process of our 3rd generation engine, the EVO 3 takes less than one year. The roll-out show of this engine was held in December, 2014. It was more specific than the previous years, because we managed to mount the engine to our test car, so the engine was presented in a rolling car, causing a great surprise. After the engine roll-out, several test were run on tarmac and roller dyno. With the results of tests the design and manufacturing process of EVO 4 was started. The engine was assembled in the autumn of 2015 and we managed to take many test hours into the engine on our self – developed test bench. We presented the engine to the public in December, 2015, when we also had a surprise, because the measurement data of the engine was presented.

Our goal is to develop and manufacture a race engine for Formula Student teams optimized for the rules of Formula Student. Simultaneously our goal is to ensure the practice-oriented training for engineering, economic and judiciary students, who can gain great advantage on the job market, with acquired skills in the SZEngine team.








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