It is necessary in the engines that they have the required weight, performance, lifetime and fuel consumption. To guarantee these, the rigorous tests are very important. We make this tests in the test bench, because of its exact reproducibility, adjustable conditions and to protect the personal security.

The goal was to improve a system, which can simulate race conditions as real as possible. The help of this system we can get more accurate lifetime tests and we can optimize our SZEngine engine onto different racetracks.



The base of the test bench is a massive hollow section. For this we fixed our internal combustion engine’s holder structure and the brake engine which is used for measurement. For breaking we use a Bosch Rexroth 2AD164C type which has 46 kW nominal power and connected to a Bosch DKR02 inverter. Into the powertrain we built a HBM T10F torque measurer, two couplings and a torsion shaft.

The crankshaft’s speed and the position of the air throttle define the load of the engine. If we control these attribution, we will be able to make tests in operation points.