Orsolya Varga

Date of joining: 2018.09.21.

Major: Technical Manager BSc

Department: Association president

I grew up in a family that loves motorsports as my father is a big Formula 1 fan. That’s why I started monitoring this world so early. I am pursuing my university studies in the field of Technical Manager, because here, in addition to engineering subjects, there is a great emphasis on economics subjects.
In the summer of 2018, I was lucky enough to get to know the world of Formula Student at the Hungarian competition, Formula Student East. At the time, I was just photographing the SZEngine team as an outsider at the event, but I admired the cars, motorcycles, and the determined team members who came from all over the world. It was a huge experience for me. I already knew then that my life would take a 180 ° turn from now on. This is how it happened, after my submitted pictures, the team approached me and offered me the opportunity to work in the team. Then everything changed there, after my successful recruitment I strengthened the Management department. In the beginning, I only helped the team with my photographic knowledge, then different challenges came in a row and I did more and more management tasks. My main responsibilities included team online marketing, team image design and appearance management, HR task management, constant contact with team members, and conducting semi-annual recruitments. Thanks to the humble work and the necessary determination, I was able to take the role of Management leader from 2019. My duties were to manage the Management Department, coordinate it and keep in touch with various companies. That came with a huge amount of responsibility, as the right background support from the management side to the construction side is essential for the well-functioning, smooth work of the team, so the excellent operation of the two sides together forms a whole. In 2019 I became a member of the association of the team, and then from 2020, I became the President of the Association to this day. I am already responsible for the legal and financial part of the team in this area.

My personal goals in the team are to acquire project- and practice-oriented knowledge that I can use to help the work of the team and that I can use later.
This level of experience may not be gained by a student during their undergraduate studies. For me, teamwork is not a job, but an almost fanatically done hobby that one does with heart and soul, looking for challenges characterized by the constant pursuit of the maximum.
It is an honor for me and pride to be a member of this unique engine development team in the world of Formula Student.