Formula Student

The competition consists of static and dynamic events and the winner is the one who scores the highest of the 1000 points available.


Static Events (325 points):


Business Presentation (75 points):

During the presentation, a convincing business model of the completed vehicle should be presented to the jury, who are a potential investor group.


Cost and Manufacturing (100 points):

During this event, the team has to demonstrate what manufacturing processes and costs incurred by parts and components during the construction of their prototype car.


Design Event: (150 points):

The decision-making processes and solutions to specific problems that occurred during the design of the car have to be explained to the judges. The focus is primarily on justifying decisions, the engineering mindset, while solutions based on Formula Student policies are secondary.



Dynamic Events (675 points):


Acceleration (75 points):

Acceleration is an acceleration race, during which the aim of the teams is to make the car complete the 75-meter track as fast as possible.


Skid pad (75 points):

During the skidpad event, pilots must go through a track that has a form of a laid down eight. Two laps clockwise and two laps counter-clockwise in the shortest possible time. What primarily matters here is the optimal chassis setting and how well the suspensions are supported.


Autocross (100 points):

The autocross event requires teams to go as fast as possible through the nearly 1.5 km long track which contains slaloms and bends. Beyond being an individual event, this means a qualification for the endurance event.


Endurance (325 points):

Endurance is the most important Formula Student event. In this car and driver endurance test, you have to complete a 22 km distance, including a change of pilot at mid-term.


Efficiency (100 points):

If the Endurance is successful, the fuel consumption of the car will be calculated. In Efficiency, the amount of fuel used in the Efficiency Competition is compared to the time of the completed laps, i.e. how efficiently the team used the fuel available.



Total: 1000 points

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