Juan Pablo Pizarro

Joining time: 18.09.2022
Major: Vehicle Engineering BSc
Department: Hybrid Powertrain Development

My name is Juan Pablo, I´m in my first year of BSc in Vehicle Engineering at Széchenyi University, and I’m from Argentina. I have always been interested in little machines, such as toy engines, and during the last few years, I have also become more interested in the development of electric engines, used on hybrid vehicles. This wasn’t the only reason why I decided to join the team, but also the chance of learning in a pragmatic way, challenging ourselves with the development of such a complex project, like the Formula Student race. At SZEngine I find the place where I can overcome challenges, and difficulties, and take the best out of myself.

My goals on the team are to develop technical skills and gain professional experience. Besides, I hope that this experience will guide me to get a new job once I finish and try to give my best during the coming years in the team.