Bánfalvi Bence

Joining time: 20.09.2019
Major: Vehicle Engineering BSc
Department: Test

I first met the team in February 2019 at the university’s open day. I have a vivid image of that day, as my father tells me ‘I hope one day you will be in a red shirt like this’. After starting my studies in the fall of 2019, I immediately submitted my application to the team for the test and brake bench department. However, since the separation of the department, I have continued my work in the test department.
During my work, I get a glimpse of what a racing engineer’s work is like, and since then I have been participating in installations and tests. I was also able to see how to write a motor control program. I hope to be able to continue working during my university studies.

For me, the most important thing is the acquisition of professional knowledge and experience, of which I have a lot here and I hope that I can use them in the future. During my work, I can meet a lot of people, which can never hurt in the future.