Dániel Deissinger

Date of joining: 2019.09.20.

Major: Mechanical Engineer BSc

Department: Design – Department leader

I moved to Győr to the Széchenyi István University from Vojvodina (Serbia) with mechanical technician qualification and 3 years of professional experience. I signed for the design department of the team in my first year, and I became department leader a year after. It really has been honoring to become a part of a team with such a high class like this. My current project is the design of the crankcase, managing the department, and communicating or maintaining contact with the companies.

My goal is to gain an incredibly high knowledge of internal combustion engines. I would like to lead the department even better because I am going to have only benefits from it. In addition, I prefer to be concerned with FEM and thermodynamical simulations. I want to be knowledgeable at the wide-scale of CAD software, which can be achieved in the team. My future goal is to strengthen relationships and improving language skills.